Amazon Kindle Tablet Gets a Close to Reality Mockup

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In case you didn’t know, there’s an Amazon Tablet coming, actually two models, one with a 7 inch display and another with a 10 inch screen. Or so I though till just hours ago, when TechCrunch published an article saying they’ve played with THE Amazon slate, that in the end will be a single version, only called Amazon Kindle Tablet.

What you see here is a mockup they made according to the real device, that they can’t show just yet. This is a 7 inch unit that is going to cost an impressive $250, if everything goes well. This is half the price of the entry level iPad, so the product will give Apple a run for the money. As far as the software goes, Amazon seems to have given up Android and installed their own version of Kindle OS, so to say.

It’s all Amazon and Kindle here, with shades of orange, dark blue and black. The main menu is a combo between the Cover Flow in iTunes and a carousel that will be familiar for people with HTC Sense 3.0 devices. You get apps, movies and books with a single tap. Below the carousel, there’s a dock for favorite items and you will place them there with your hands.

Once the Amazon Kindle Tablet is turned horizontally, the dock disappears. These are all confirmed facts, courtesy of TechCrunch, but sadly there’s no photo to go with them.

[via TechCrunch]