Android 5.0 UI Design Makes Me Think of iOS 7 Minimalism

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A team from Hungary called Codebuild has imagined the way Android 5.0 would look like and this projects dates from before the KitKat announcement. We’re dealing with a minimalistic approach, one that feels a bit like iOS 7, if I can say so.

android 5 concept 1

We’ve got a clean lockscreen with simple unlock options, nothing fancy. There are also extended widgets with swipe functions and a very discrete border-free look. You can now swipe down with two fingers to show the extended widgets and there’s a bit of a card-style UI going on here. The home and apps screen has been redesigned and so have the icons, as show in the Android 5.0 concept pics below.

The setting screen is now much cleaner and the notification bar has become transparent, from what I can see. The icons from the Settings area have become much simpler, being simply white symbols on a slightly transparent background. The dominant colors of this UI are blue, gray and apparently purple, although that may be caused by the background.

[via Behance]

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  • Wasteak

    I love the lockscreen and the notification bar (even if it’s the same than ios7)
    But the icons dont look great for me :/

  • iFunstigator

    Say what? iPhone iOS7 is anything but clean. They’ve stolen so much from other designers it’s pathetic. Including the Lisa Frank Color Scheme! ;-P

    Whereas Android can and is being customized all the time by it’s users and that’s the thing that differentiates Android from iOS. Because it’s the users that own and can customize the Android look n feel, whereas it’s Apple’s Applewellian Thought Police that control the iOS UI and the minds of it’s users!

    The reality is…. that today it’s Apple following the leader in SAMSUNG and GOOGLE’s ANDROID 80% Legal Monopoly!!!

  • Android User

    Why look like ios7 design =_=