Artificial Intelligence Phone Does Everything You Imagined and More

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On very rare occasions we get to see extremely detailed concept phones, accompanied by many pics and explanatory videos. This is one of those occasions, as we’re dealing with the winner of the Project Bluesky competition that had the following brief “Create the best phone ever… beyond”. And Christina Ferraz did…



The incredible handset supports fingerprint recognition, that activates a biometric profile and the device’s screen displays a blank surface when not in use. The interface is REALLY 3D, since it uses artificial intelligence to rearrange your options and apps according to your preferences and usage patterns.

Obviously enough, the display is a touchscreen with “growing buttons” (3D interface at work… will the buttons poke your face?) and its 3D attributes are achieved thanks to fiber-optics. There’s a neat video after the break, although a tad lengthy (10 minutes), showing you what the artificial intelligence-touchscreen combo can do to a phone.




[via Yanko Design]