Happy Birthday Concept-Phones.com! Wish They Were Phones (WTWP) Episode I!

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My, my, my how time flies… I got so caught up in blogging about concept phones that I even forgot about the birthday of this website. On 5th February 2007, we posted a blog about the Sony Ericsson PSP Phone. It was the beginning of a journalistic/blogging adventure, with the sole purpose of showing the world the devices we’ll be using in the future.



 (image taken from etsy.com)

Now, Concept-Phones.com is one year old and we’d like to thank each and every designer for their wonderful concepts and all the folks who sent us tips, critique and various designs via mail and of course, our readers. We couldn’t have done it without you guys!

Now, to celebrate the event, we want to launch a brand new section of our website, called “Wish They Were Phones” (WTWP).


Basically this section is all about the concept devices that are NOT phones, but we’d like them to be, or they only lack a minor feature to deserve being called handsets. Those will usually be remote controls, audio players, portable consoles, netbooks and whatnot… WTWP makes its debut with the great HP Thync universal remote control, designed by David Chacon.

The gadget can control basically anything in your house and it’s a handheld device that packs a pretty big touchscreen and maybe even voice recognition. Notice that there’s even a phone function among the features of the remote, so we’re not so crazy if we call this WTFP material.





Any other ideas for the “Wish They Were Phones” section?

[via Dvice]