Atlas Kinetic Cellphone Concept Is “Mobilis in Mobile”

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It may be a beauty but does it have features to match its design? This good-looking concept phone was created by Ricardo Baiao, who manages to blend a modern style with the green technology that’s so hip lately, specially since Nokia started using it.


The Atlas phone is made of aluminium and glass and its central glassy surface is made out of (surprise, surprise) sapphire glass. This concept device is powered by kinetic energy, just like many modern watches, using an “oscillating weight to power a mainspring” as the designer states.

Atlas many not have the multimedia features (or at least mid-range features) you were hoping for, but it’s good for one thing: keeping its owner in motion. Stay put for too long and the device’s power will run out, making you have to turn the handset up and down in order to get the kinetic rotors going.


[via yankodesign]