BlackBerry Android Smartphone Gets Rendered, May Happen Sooner Than You Think

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We’ve seen so many rumors about a BlackBerry with Android recently, so it’s time to see a visual representation of such a model. Deviantart member adrianbravom has created the concept below, a BlackBerry smartphone with Android on board.

BlackBerry Android smartphone concept

The designer has created both the wallpaper and general lines of the concept. The format feels very familiar, if you’ve seen the BlackBerry Z10 before. Interestingly, some portions of the BB OS experience are still here, like BBM (obviously), the multitasking with live thumbnails and the look of the notification area. There are virtual Android buttons here, the typical ones, but the overall look of icons is changed from stock Lollipop.

Last I heard the first Android phone was supposed to a slider called Venice, according to leaks. Maybe we’ll see that rendered in the future. With Nokia headed to Android and BlackBerry, too, the word “monopoly” really pops into my mind…

[via Deviantart]

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