Interact Phone Concept is a Design That Maybe Apple Should Look Into

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I thought I struck gold on Behance, when I came across the Interact Phone concept, but then I saw it was made by a familiar designer. It’s Jonas Kvale, an US designer that has created at least half a dozen interesting renders over the past months. Be sure to click his name to view his works. Now let’s check out his Interact Phone.

Interact phone concept 1

Clearly inspired by the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6, this model is a bit more evolved than those models. It’s a 5 inch smartphone with an aluminum body, a glass cover for the screen and a slim waistline. The phone’s buttons are not physical, but instead use micro haptic feedback engines to simulate the feeling of a tactile button push and also eliminate all possibility of breakable parts.

Interact phone concept 2

The screen of the Interact phone adopts a technology that feels borrowed from the Apple Watch. It can detect the difference between a push and a touch and uses this feature throughout its apps. Apple is also said to be putting Force Touch on its next iPhone, by the way. Motion tracking technology is used on the Interact handset too, in tandem with its numerous ambient light sensors, hidden all over the body.

Jonas Kvale even goes as far as implementing a sort of radar here, that senses the user coming from meters away and a sensor called Soli, that tracks sub millimeter motions at high speed and accuracy. This theoretically lets you perform touches and gestures from the other side of the room. How cool is that? Some nice ideas here, that I’m sure Apple would like…

Interact phone concept 3

Interact phone concept 4

[via Behance]

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