BlackBerry TDH Concept Brings an Interesting Design Approach: Shoulder Buttons

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I have to say that although I have seen a ton of concept phones, it never crossed my mind that we could have shoulder buttons on the upper corners like on a joystick or PSP/PS Vita. This great idea comes from Benjamin Coughlin and it’s applied to a BlackBerry concept phone.


The result is the BlackBerry TDH, that just like iPhone 6 concept from here is shaped like an hourglass, being less wide in the middle and wider at the top and bottom. TDH stands for Tactile Direct Hardware here and I can see a comparison with the PlayStation joystick in that matter. From what I can see, we also get shoulder buttons at the top and a touch strip on the back of the device, like on the PS Vita.

I must mention that I may just be wrong the touch strip could only be present on the side. I could serve as sort of a touch volume button. I can also see that the handset is slightly curved to the front. The UI on board points toward BlackBerry 10 OS, maybe in an evolved version…



[via Behance]