Blocks Modular Smartwatch is Extremely Customizable, Sounds Like a Good Idea (Video)

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I can’t exactly call the Blocks Modular smartwatch idea a concept, since it’s a project funded by Intel and a totally customizable smartwatch, that’s shown below. Apparently, the product is in the making in the background, with both the contribution of Intel and the support of Phoneblocks.

blocks modular smartwatch 7

The idea is simple: you get a bunch of metal/plastic pieces with components inside, like a GPS, Bluetooth module, camera heart rate sensor and you combine them simply via a port and plug combination, like the headphone plug and audio jack, but repeated over and over again, till you create a bigger device. You can create a square watch, a circular one, a rectangular one or various belt sizes and formats.

The platform is totally open and each block is designed with removable covers, with a variety of colors and materials available. The Blocks smartwatch also includes an open platform for software and hardware, so anything goes here. Any company or individual can build software or hardware blocks for the device. Will this be the new Project Ara?

blocks modular smartwatch 1

blocks modular smartwatch 2

blocks modular smartwatch 3

blocks modular smartwatch 4

blocks modular smartwatch 5

blocks modular smartwatch 6

[via chooseblocks]

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