Boom Smartphone for Music Lovers Features Big Speakers, Impressive Acoustics

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Today we have come across a concept phone that while it doesn’t look hot, like a Galaxy S7 Edge, it’s quite original. It’s shaped like some sort of flying car or hovercraft and it’s meant for audiophiles. Its name is simply Boom.

Boom smarpthone concept

Just like the iPad Pro models, the handset packs quad speakers, one for each corner and a special rotating crown button (or two), that feels like it’s taken from a watch. The maker of the phone (designer Saksham Mahajan) promises here 16 times the sound intensity compared to “normal” phones. The chassis seems quite massive and believe it or not, such a design actually exists.

The exact same format, albeit larger was applied to the Acer Predator 8 gaming tablet. Since I played with one recently, I must say that the problem is that the angular design feels very sharp and unpleasant to your hands, sometimes even leaving marks.

[via Behance]

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