CAT Navigator Kamil Edition is a Hiking Phone With Serious Battery Power

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CAT became known in the world of mobile devices courtesy of its rugged handsets and it was only a matter of time till designers took the ideas to the next level. Michael Muleba for example envisioned the CAT Navigator Kamil Edition, pictured below, as a device meant for hiking.


The designer was unhappy with CAT’s usual design approach, considering that their devices lack beauty and styling. This time around we get a dual touchscreen approach and two crazy 4K displays for some reason. There’s also a numeric keypad to keep things even more bizarre and functions like compass, maps and the ability to control the device using hiking gloves.


The battery life is 72 hours (standby time), which is supposed to be impressive for a 4K machine. There seems to be leather at the back and a set of really protruding numeric buttons upfront. The screens look swell, making this feel like a sort of laptop or maybe a mini Lenovo Yoga Book of sorts. Doable in real life? Not quite, or maybe yes, with a huge price.




[via Michael Muleba]

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