Cobble Smartphone is a 3D Windows Phone Device

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I’ve seen all kinds of Windows Phone handsets till now, even some pretty Nokia units, but no 3D model up until this point… Luckily designer Niels van Hoof decided to create the Cobble phone, that’s a 3D smartphone with Windows Phone 7 on board and great looking display.

The device uses a 4.5 inch 3D 16:9 HD screen, giving a great sensation of depth even without the 3D glasses. There’s also an adaptive camera tracker involved, that follows the user’s finger and predicts his on-screen movement, for an incredibly smooth touch experience. There’s also adjustable zoom available, through a motion scroll feature, that you’ll find extremely useful on this concept phone.

Also, Cobble Phone supports 3D video calling, thanks to 2 hidden cameras upfront and as far as the design goes, you get an aluminum body, with special coated plastic back and curved glass front. The camera at the back is a 3D 8 megapixel unit with the logo functioning as its flash. How cool is that?

[via Yanko Design]