Concept Tizen Smartphone Gets Teased by Rahul Sharma, Looks Stunning

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Rahul Sharma just sent us a teaser of his brand new Tizen smartphone concept and he asks you, the readers of Concept Phones to come up with a name for the device. The final concept will be posted soon, so we await your name suggestions.

tizen concept phone teaser

The handset is very stylish and judging by the icons shown on the screen, its interface is quite different than the one of Android or iOS. The design reminds me of a crossover between HTC One and maybe Oppo Find 5, although I hope that the device is not as massive as the Oppo model. The chassis of the Tizen phone seems to be made of metal and the front camera is very discretely integrated at the top.

I can see that the lower bezel is very small, so I guess that no physical buttons are present here. And now for my suggestion of a name, I’m thinking about something like Tizen Kelvin, or if it’s made by Samsung, maybe Samsung Nova T1. What are your suggestions?

[Thanks Rahul Sharma]