Crescent Sentinel Phone Runs Windows Phone Mango, Does Wireless Charging

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Jonathan De Jesus is back with a new concept, this time the Crescent Sentinel in a Re-Amped version that switches to an aluminum chassis and wireless charging technology, plus Windows Phone Mango as the OS. The beautiful device with Super AMOLED display can be seen in the following pictures. Here’s the Crescent company Facebook page for more designs.

Crescent Sentinel is made entirely of aluminum, supports 1080p video playback and comes with a main 12 megapixel camera and 4MP front cam for videocalls. Inside there’s a dual core Snapdragon S3 processor (1.5GHz), 60GB of storage and supports for loads of WiFi technologies. The latest in WiFi and Bluetooth is available here and Jonathan mentions the inclusion of a Benson app, that’s sort of a Siri rival, but with a more friendly output to the user.

For example, Benson senses the mood of the user and can throw in a joke or comfort you if you are sad. The app senses the tone of the voice and pressure with which you are squeezing the phone to determine your state of mind. Also, I have to mention that this concept smartphone comes with Bose Audio quality, wireless headphones, GPS and it will accept any SIM from any carrier in the world. There’s also a back side screen showing how much battery is left, as you can see in these images. What do you say about this device? Do you dig it? I think it’s a good break from those boring windows Phone designs till now…

[Thanks Jonathan]