Deffcon 2 Concept Phone “Portal” is All About Augmented Reality

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Liam Quinn’s series of Deffcon phones goes on, with the cool Portal concept that you can check out below. This beautiful smartphone is a “portal” between the real world and an augmented reality universe, that features layers of information, news and links on top of real places like shops and buildings.


You can attach the back cover to the glass phone, in order to create a blank canvas ideal for watching movies on the go. There’s also a 5 megapixel camera on board of the Portal concept phone, complete with LED Flash, touch zoom, smile shot and a 4 inch 16:9 multitouch display that looks great.

Here’s what Liam Quinn says about the display: “The screen is made of two pieces of glass cut with similar inside angles and fitted together so that when the projector at the bottom of the screen hits the angled surface it will reflect back out creating the on-screen image.”


This handset relies on the ORB OS and you have to know that the battery and clock are integrated together, with the edge of the battery showing the signal strength. A great design and neat idea relying on augmented reality and transparent displays!


[Thanks Liam]