Duros Tablet PC, The Hulk of Tablets

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Ever wanted to go to the North Pole or to the centre of the Earth and blog from there? Well, you’re lucky I came over this device you can see in the picture below, the Duros Tablet PC, environmentally sealed and ready to take a serious punch. It’s designed by Roper Mobile Technology and it’s the largest tablet PC with such an “attitude”.


It features WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity plus the classic GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS and it’s got a GPS, so you’ll never get lost on the way from the North to the South Pole. Its display is a 8.4″ SVGA touchscreen, while the heart of this hardcore device is an AMD Geode LX800 processor or an Intel Celeron M 1.0 GHz one. Add 1GB of RAM and 120GB storage to Duros and you’re all set.


Duros runs Windows XP or Linux and it uses hot swappable batteries. It relies on a 44Wh battery that only uses 5W of energy while in standby mode and 15W in standard use. More specs and details here.

[via ubergizmo]