Bellperre Phone Brings the Crocodile Leather Luxury to Your Pocket

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At first glance I thought that the phone from the image below is ugly, but some of you are easily impressed by the fact that a handset can really be made out of steel, gold, hardwood and … crocodile leather. How’s that for a , courtesy of Bellperre?


Also, it seems that these Bellperre phones will be customized according to the customers’ preferences, you know, just like putting some extra ketchup on a burger: “can I get some extra croc skin for my rugged fingers?”. Well, the croc sure isn’t the wildest animal you’ll be touching while writing text messages, as you can choose a varied selection of leathers, from shark, to calf and buffalo.

There’s also a decent choice of casings and you might go for the cool aircraft aluminium or the luxurious 18k rose gold. Adorn those with engravings and special finishes and you’ve got a worthy Vertu rival. The Bellperre phones are hand built in Netherlands and they’ll be available in Europe in June 2008 at an unannounced price.

[via newlaunches]