E-phone Concept Is All About the E-Ink

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The guys of FormNation have come up with a pretty interesting concept, that was inspired by the iPhone, but added E-Ink in the mix. Basically, the designers wanted an iPhone alternative that had a lower price tag, bigger battery life and an E Ink display was the solution to achieve that.

E-phone concept e ink 5

FormNation implemented here a battery that’s supposed to last a month and if you check out their website you’ll see that they haven’t disclosed the client for which they did this project, so it may become a real device some day. This affordable E Ink phone can revert from HGTV to black and white and its advantages include lack of glare, big battery life and in this case an elegant looking design.

The E-phone is able to created instant black and white images, instead of using the Illford filter in Instagram. The device can also create stop motion GIFs, relying on a slow refresh rate. Also quoted as inspiration for the handset are current trends of going back to our roots, listening to vinyls and cassettes, taking black and white photos and growing our own vegetables in gardens.

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[via FormNation]

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