Floating Phone Design Uses E-Ink, It’s Light as a Feather

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How about a Floating Phone concept made from plastic polymers that include silicon and carbon? And how about a phone that relies on E-Ink tech and it’s very user-friendly, especially for blind users? This design was created by Messizon Li, Li Ke, Yang Fan, Liu Linghan, An Pengcheng and Zhu Yunlong.

Floating Phone is supposed to be a 2015 handset, that actually includes a floating surface, very useful to correct mistakes when typing. Visually impaired persons can feel the surface of the phone, that will probably use Braille for feedback. This model supports page customization however the user likes it and there’s also a rotating sensor making the unit quirky.

The bottom line is that this model’s surface can turn into anything you need, from Braille keypad, to joystick and QWERTY keyboard.

[via Designbuzz]

  • Jean

    Great idea. And what about to combine that with another technology ? I mean bio-sensor on the back-door of tablet. Those bio-sensors could capture signal from finger and it could be used for game controling etc. My idea is to combine those bio-sensors with flaoating layer it means that after detection of finger(s) – the point(s) under fingers will get up (on the back side of tablet). This idea is on the picture but why not to use back side of device ? And why not to use EEG data from fingers too ?! Itś very usefull for Sony Ericsson Playstation tablet S1. With this technlogy it could be used (after connection the tablet to TV wia. DLNA) as game remote controler.