FO Phone Concept Takes Us Back to Mother Nature

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The FO Phone, unless I have it wrong is a piece of work that takes us back to mother nature and keeps us in touch with our roots. This is a Tele2 Calendar by Guilty Advertising Agency production and it’s based on a pebble, if you ask me, although fruits, plants and other natural elements are quoted as an inspiration.

FO Phone uses an interactive interface, supposedly an extension of your thoughts and moods,, changing color according to your mood and the weather. Holographic technology is also on board, so expect visual trips from this device, if you want to call them that way…

A holographic phone linked to the nature and our moods surely sounds sci-fi, but considering how closed we are to making flexible handsets and since 3D smartphones are already trendy, nothing is too modern for 2011.

[via designbuzz]