Morphy Pliable Mobile Phone Changes Shape Using Body Heat

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In these days of technology focused on being the slimmest and most well specced in the industry, designer Kirk Schneider proposes a new solution. We’re talking about the Morphy phone here, a durable and pliable cellphone, that can change shape inside your pocket, using your body heat.

Kirk wants to use the existing flexible circuit board technology and flexible touchscreens, but also cover them with a durable, pliable hybrid plastic. This is a “memory material” that will adapt to your pocket and the shape of your body. Supposedly, this technology will turn into something commercial in 18 months, if Kirk is right.

Morphy will adapt to your thigh shape once in your pocket and Kirk also proposes another version of the technology with micro TFT touchscreens floating independent of one another. Will this turn into a real product some day? What do you say?

[via trapezoid]