Apple iPod Touch 5 Runs iOS 5, Supports 1080p Video Recording

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JoyStudios has a new design for us, the Apple iPod Touch 5 concept, that runs iOS 5. This device sticks to the form factor of the previous iPod touch models and brings forth a shiny metal back that makes us wonder what material was used to create it. Liquid metal, maybe?

As far as specs are concerned, this iOS 5 unit comes with WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, NFC, a 5 megapixel camera with 1080p video capture and a 4 inch IPS display with 960 x 640 pixel resolution. On board you’ll find 32/64/128 GB of internal storage and we have to mention that the device is compatible with the Apple Digital AV Adapter.

Odds are that the real iPod Touch 5 will be similar to this one, but we’ll have to wait at least till summer to learn more about it.

[via joystudios]

  • Betoo

    Is this real or like they photo-shopped it because it looks legit. Maybe its custom built.

  • jjjjjj

    it will have 3D display btw

  • you got to be kidding me

    WTF? whats wrong with you people? it looks the exact same as a fucking fourth generation model! DOH

  • looks like the 4g ,really does. The home button will be gone with just the little square symbol for the motions of the ios 5. like the magic mouse. also 3d is possible.

  • Shayna Caldwell

    Does this I pod have wifi anywhere because they said the I pod touch 6 will and will it be out by June 2nd bc my dog she is a Chihuahua and a puppy and she put her teeth through this one and broke my lens someone please answer me I need to know by June 2nd cause thats my birthday thanks guys goodbye

  • Daniel

    If thats Liquid-Metal, I will die a happy geek! That would be AWESOME! my 2g is pretty scratched up,

    As far as if these are legit? I can say almost 100% they are not shopped, those reflections are nearly impossible to shop, if its real or a custom mock up who knows.

  • Wow ur dumn

    morons that isn’t photoshopped the pictures are of the fucking fourth generation

  • anono

    am i the only one who noticed music is spelled wrong on the music icon on the first photo?

  • ro

    @ anono, its not spelled wrong, it’s just in another language. the reason for some of the other icon titles being in english would either be because it is spelled the same way in that language or, for ones like safari and facetime, it is a brand/marketing name that isnt changed even when its in a different language.

  • nev

    ^ its on a different language, perhaps?

  • susan wong

    @anono You are the only person who didn’t notice the nine other German words…

  • BillyDosocho

    i think it should have a laser pointer or projecter and maybe it could have wifi connection anywhere?

  • robbb

    I agree. People are gullible. Whatever happened to thinking critically for oneself?

  • Salman

    I believe it is in German

  • u r retarded

    ok…so btw this isn’t photoshopped its the 4G and they were from a different country thats why music is ‘musik’…its like German or Sweden…oh well its the 4G so don’t get your hopes up for about ano;ther year because the 4G came out a couple months ago so just wait…it’ll get here…eventually

  • MAXX

    It has a bigger screen then the 4th Gen.

  • iZac

    Salman is correct. It is German. I personally really hope the new iPod Touch 5 has the 5mp camera and HD video. I was very disappointed with the 4th gen. when I learned of it’s crappy camera capabilities…

  • Dráuschneir James

    Yah, iPod Touch 4th Generation with Anti-Glare Screen Protector.

  • Anonymous

    THAN! not then!

  • ian ebeling

    I dont think it will have 3D display cause really thats just stupid… i played on a 3D ds and after 30 min it hurt my eyes… so 3D is out of the question

  • smarter tan u

    it’s a different language you moron

  • Sammi

    I absolutely love the fact that more than one person felt the need to mention that it’s in a different language. Before you comment, how about you read through to see if your thoughts were already written. All of you sound like retards when you repeat something that was already said. For example, “it’s in a different language you moron.” YOU are the moron.

  • Jakers

    @smarter tan you

    In agreement with Sammi, not to mention you spelled than* wrong in your name

  • Grace

    iPod stink

  • Nathan

    It looks quite similar to the fourth generation model, but with a few minor differences. For Example, in these photos the screen is brought right to the edge of the device becoming 4 inches instead of a usual 3.5 inches.

  • Appledeveloper

    Dont believe its totally fake lates reports are saying there might not be an ipod touch 5g this year because of low demand but some reports are saying it will be there and have 3g connection so you just have to wait.

  • Baslam

    How about a GPS, and flash for camera? Asking too much? A GPS chip would be great addition to everything else.

  • John

    I would hope that the next touch supports the following:

    1080p video recording
    8mp camera for stills w/ led flash
    Faster processor and brighter screen
    *MicroSD Card Slot*
    If no microSD card slot, then the 32gb model should start at $199, not the ridiculous $300.

  • William

    I heard, ipod touch 5th gen will only support 1080x1444px still camera. but thats okay for me. it’s support 1080p with LED. 4″ display, 512mb RAM, audio quality is great as iphone. just only $249(for 16gb) and $399(for 128gb).

  • joe

    its a 4th gen. they are just throwing out ideas

  • Apple better change the Chrome Back cover.
    I hope apple will remove the chrome cover.
    change with matte black or Glass front and rear.

  • Binod

    Looks like there wont b ipod touch 5 till late 2012

  • Ator85

    Will the touch with ios5 be faster at all processor wise?

  • Skyshadow382

    Yes the IPhone 4s has a ad they claim “New and 7 times faster prossesser chip” this being said it only makes sence to add this IO5 chip to the iPod touch 5th gen.

  • Skyshadow382

    I did this from my 4th gen iPod… Bad idea

  • JACK