Samsung Consolor HD3 Portable Console Concept Uses 3D Galaxy Interface Navigation

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Joseph Dumary just showed us his latest portable console design, the Samsung Consolor HD3 pictured below. This incredible device is a worthy rival to the Sony NGP, as it comes with a 16:9 full HD AMOLED multitouch display, among others… The device also features a HD stereo speaker system and fingerprint identification for gamers.

A gyroscope, accelerometer and light sensor ensure a flawless gaming experience and the Consolor HD3 also uses a fron 8MP HD camera and a 12MP rear one with smile detectors and advanced zooming. On the connectivity side, you get WiMAX 4G, Bluetooth 2.1, DLNA and 3D full HD streaming straight to the TV.

Charging is inductive on this console and its memory is 250GB, enough for any gamer out there. An Android lakay Market and Interface are mentioned, complete with 2000 games, multitasking and basically every piece of technology one would want on a console/phone/tablet… Is this a dream come true or future console rivaling the Sony NGP?

[Thanks Joseph]