Freedom 2010 Phone Charges in 10 Minutes, Doesn’t Need a SIM Card or Roaming

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In case the French Bic Alcatel phone doesn’t do it for you and you’re traveling around the globe, you’ll surely enjoy the Freedom 2010 Handset. Too bad it’s only a concept for now, a neat one, designed by Vadim Kibardin.

Freedom is a small prepaid phone for globetrotters, that comes with 60, 100 or 200 minutes.


There’s no roaming to worry about, prefixes or a SIM card and guess what… the Freedom Phone charges in just 10 minutes. Also, this handset is quite small, so it’s ideal for traveling abroad. Not only that, but its simple design makes it accessible to the elderly, children or impaired persons.

It’ll simply call and receive calls, even when abroad… What more could you want? Remember that this is only a concept, so don’t go posting the usual “how much does it cost” and “can I buy it from Concept” questions, OK?




[via Tuvie]