Glass Smartphone and Tablet Are Edge to Edge Devices, Totally Transparent

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Andrew Solesbury imagined a glass smatphone and tablet as a combo of transparent devices with edge to edge screens. And in case I didn’t make myself clear, these are TOTALLY transparent devices, also packing rear and front 3D cameras for motion tracking, used both for scenery and the user.

They rely on the idea of augmented reality, complemented by that transparency. The displays on this phone and tablet are 3D ones, that require no glasses, so I expect stunning graphics. Andrew wants the entire array of components to be held within that tiny On/Off button at the bottom, through microscopic electronic technology. Imagine a nano sized CPU, RAM, storage and whatnot, all held within a Home button… crazy, right? The buttons seen on the handset are obviously virtual and they seem very well integrated.

As usual with transparent devices made of glass, my only problem here is that they seem really fragile, but with today’s Dragontrail and Gorilla Glass advances, that’s not a problem anymore. The camera are also nicely integrated at the top, as if they were some sort of tiny buttons stuck straight into the glass. A fantastic design, that maybe some day will be turned into reality!

[via Behance]