Grandwizard Phone Makes You a DJ, Allows You to Remix Media Files

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Designer Yu Hiraoka created a phone that will greatly interested those who are fond of making music. The Grandwizard handset can make the average user a DJ, since it comes with the option of remixing sounds and creating music. The device includes a couple of screens and click wheels on the side, plus a central touch panel.

Click wheels can be used for mixing, while the screens on the side will possibly lay out tracks for you to edit. There’s also a front camera on board and the touch panel at the bottom that can bring an equalizer. This is basically a portable mixing station and if you slide the fader to the left you’ll manipulate one media on the left screen and doing that on the right will take your music making to the right side.

Give this baby some specialized music apps and it will rock!

[via designbuzz]