Graphite DVB-H Mobile Phone Concept, Digital TV in Your Pocket

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Can’t seem to remember the next important global sporting event, unless you’re into European soccer, UEFA and CHL… Well, mobile TV can still prove useful for soaps and concerts, maybe news and comedy shows, so you’ll fall in love with the Graphite DVB-H Mobile Phone concept below. It was designed by Jonathan Findlay and it’s a 4-way slider that uses Symbian S60 UI.


Graphite Mobile comes with a 2.5 megapixel camera with autofocus and Xenon flash, 3 dedicated camera shutter/stereo speakers, 4 USB ports and 5 dedicated 3.5mm audio ports. Notice the superb 3.6″ AMOLED display in the image above, once again involving The Dark Knight in the process of making a handset famous.

This concept phone also includes a 0.6 MP front video camera, an on/off translucent button, an active mechanical keypad and a spring loaded cover that protects the battery, memory card and SIM card.



[via Coroflot]