The New iPod is iBangle… iLike iT

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Fed up with conventional designs? Say “hello” to iBangle, a bracelet iPod that will hold on to your wrist and give you all the audio playback you need, while in motion. Designed by Gopinath Prasana, this gadget may not be a concept phone, but since Apple only has two phones (if you count the 3G iPhone as another handset), we’ll also take this design into account.


The iBangle will become a piece of jewelry pretty soon, I presume, in case it turns into a real gadget and I expect some pretty high prices for this MP3 player. Basically, this concept is a thin piece of aluminium that incorporates a multi-touch trackpad.

In case it’s too lose on your wrist, you can press a button and activate a cushion inside the metallic ring, that’ll keep it perfectly attached to your hand.




[via Yanko Design]