Pantech Concept Phones Unleashed! 4 New Designs of the Future

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Boy, some companies/designers are prolific at this time of the year! Case in point, Pantech, who last time showed us 5 concept phones and now reveals no less than 4 such devices. The Pantech Design Community, which is made out of 20 college students has shown the world its ideas, the concept phones that can be checked out below.

Pantech might build these some day, as they suit their goals, aspirations and design style. Without further ado, we give you Coralliform Water:


The Pantech Coralliform Water concept phone is, as you might have guessed, inspired by the water and nature. This slider is very sleek and seems to include a touchscreen and camera, but no trace of specs so far. Please remind me to slap myself over the statement I made here (“no good phones in green and white”… yeah right!).


The second Pantech concept is Easter Moai, available in the picture above. It’s supposed to express the “multifaceted nature of human beings” and it features a “wave” touchscreen LCD, a touch key, a dome key plus many other keys on the sides. This is a handset for functionality freaks and it’ll come with some sort of support, so I suppose it handles video playback/streaming/capture quite nicely.


Recy-Q is the third Pantech concept of the bunch and this is surely a premiere, as the device incorporates a sliding QWERTY keyboard and touch keys (embedded in the metal frame). Is it comfortable for texting and email? It sure doesn’t look like it, but you’ll be saving the Planet if you use it, ’cause it’s made out of recyclable materials.


Last, never least is Softy Lofty, the worst-named phone of the quartet and the weirdest one. All we know about this strange design is that it’s supposed to “offer as much visual and emotional comfort as possible”, but to me it looks like a very fat iPod that has just laid an egg. Or it may just be a robot from the future…

[via Unwired View]