T-Mobile G2 Hits the Web, Only a Concept for Now! T-Mobile G1 Available!

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Just as T-Mobile G1 was being made available today, at the same time with the launch of Android Market, we stumbled upon a couple of pictures portraying the next generation of Android handsets. The so-called T-Mobile G2 is, of course a rumour that originated from the TalkAndroid Forums. Is it a nice Photoshop edit or a major leak from Google?


Its specs are not known yet, but what we do know is that the device will incorporate a tilting screen with twice the resolution of the G1, Java V8 browsing (Chrome Mobile in action!) and interactive widgets.

Is it just me, or does this look like an iPhone screen slapped onto a T-Mobile G1? Anyone up for G3?



[via Cell Phone Beat]

  • Joe

    I think this is just a bad photoshop…I would know I’m a total photoshop guru. It’s how I make a living, and if I put out crap like this I’d lose my job…

  • Tmosales

    wow this is a pretty good fake

  • Doug Lambert

    Yeah, that’s nice to see a “potential” G2, but since we al just paid for the G1, I could care less about being excited and asked to pay for the next version without the Android first making good on providing key applications we should have received in the first version i.e., Outlook Integration. Additionally, T-Mobile should make good to those of us who purchased stereo bluetooth capability, smooth pc sync and the a better fix on the memory capabilities.

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  • vonton

    If they do have a new phone, i think i’ll go to new company…

  • Greggy G

    i want to see them make a g3. and then a g4 which is as small a postit.

  • stephanie proud owner of a g1

    I can’t wait for the g2 to come out I’m sooooo getting it for my 15th b day

  • Kelvin Jones

    Can we really trust this phone again? I was so excited to get the G1 phone and it doesn’t really do much. I still can’t transfer music to my phone, battery life is horrible, youtube videos skip, internet is slow, w/o proper application from android market i couldn’t save mms text messages, doesn’t have video that works, promised a cupcake upgrade and got nothing. First they need to fix the quirks with the g1. First of all we need to get the g1 with better apps, faster internet, more systerm upgrades. So pretty much what they are saying is skrew the current g1 customers, instead of fixing this one, lets just make ’em buy another phone. I don’t trust them. As soon as my contract is over with t-mobile, i am going to go to verizon and get the storm.

  • Mags

    it could be a fake, considering that the G1 is still relatively new. as for the “iphone screen slapped onto a t-mobile G1”, well the screen looks totally different. for one, there’s a background on the main screen, unlike the iphone. not everything has to be an iphone rip-off nowadays lol. if it is real, then it looks lik it could b a pretty sweet deal

  • Bryce

    The T-Mobile G-series is made by HTC. Go to their website to see the new phones. I found it is called the HTC Magic. That should give you most of the information you need.

    The HTC site confirms that Outlook and Office apps are integrated, along with stereo Bluetooth.

    Here’s the link:

    Hope that helps…

  • jason

    Wow man I thought my phone was the only stupid one I guess not.I say fix the g1 then worry about g2 or g3.. I don’t know why everyone is so worried about havin a phone like the I phone its not that great.

  • TareX

    Surprise surprise: I made this using MS Paint, not even photoshop. Check my second G2 concept which I made using photoshop: