Gravity Phone is a HD Handset With Flat Screen Incorporated

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Created by 4 designers, the Gravity Phone concept is based on HD playback technology and a high definition flat screen, that would even make television sets jealous. This device is the work of Toni Weichselbraun, Lukas Doenz, Joachim Kornauth and Max Salesse.

The Gravity Phone is not exactly a handset that would fit in the pocket of your pants, since we expect its diagonal to pass the 4 inch mark. Also, we learn that the unit comes with upgradeable components, that can be plugged in and out and switched, meaning that this is a customizable gadget.

Media playback is not the only use of the phone, as it’ll also support a wicked gaming experience. HDMI out is also available on the smartphone.

[via Yanko Design]