Hass. T Teases New Concept Tablet With “Banana Design”

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When I heard there was such a thing as a “banana design”, I instantly got interested in the new Vision Pro Tab tablet rendered by Hass T. He only teased it for now, but he’ll be back with some renders soon enough.

Vision Pro Tab concept teaser 1

This is the designer’s very first slate, following a series of concept phones. The “Banana Design” involves a “unique curved design”, apparently. This means the is tablet curved from every angle, for improved viewing angles and hotter design. Vision Pro Tab has an all metal unibody case, just like the Pro Phone 2R concept created by the same designer.

A stylus that works like a trackpad has also been included and more details will be revealed once the project is done. From what I can see we also get generous speakers and an USB Type C port, if I’m not mistaking.

Vision Pro Tab concept teaser 2

[via Hass. T]

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