Intel Link Mobile Phone Concept, Created by Mark Law and David Law (Video)

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Intel Link is what they call “a folded iPad” or simply a very hot concept smartphone, created by Mark Law and David Law (who are twins) for Particle Design. The idea is to hook up smartphones, computers and notebooks using a dual screen phone as their link, thus the name of the device.

Intel Link is based on an unique interactivity and can be considered some sort of companion for other portable or desktop computers. As shown in the video below, the handset supports gesture control, info/content streaming straight from the PC and it can be used as a remote control for other gizmos.

The fact that it incorporates two displays comes in handy big time and there’s even the opportunity of inserting the concept phone into some laptops with special slots for it, that transforms the handset into some sort of touchpad.

Link with Intel from Particle Design on Vimeo.

[via Yanko Design]