Introducing: the Sapphire Glass Phone, Created by Jennarong M.

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I have seen all sorts of glass phones and transparent devices, made of all sorts of materials and handsets that are claimed to be unbreakable. However, this is the very first Sapphire Glass phone I see and it looks nifty. Created by Jennarong M., the device is actually called the Saturn K4.

sapphire glass concept phone

It’s running a special “Vibrant OS”, created by one Ross M, referenced in the source link below. We’ve got a fingerprint scanner on board, integrated within the display and the Home button is actually the logo placed below the display. Specs also include dual surround sound speakers and the sapphire glass is wrapped all around the Saturn K4. The shape is rather unconventional, with a split bottom, that pulls out the low speaker.

We even have a price for this concept phone: $299 and a full name: Apex Saturn K4. Phones made of glass have disappointed me so far, including the Nexus 4 and Xperias, but there’s a way to make it all better: sapphire glass. Extra resilient, pretty thin and efficient, but also pricey… Fancy this phone?

[via Jennarong M.]

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