Ion Concept Phone, Designed for Elderly Folks

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Created by Sascha Bruk and Michael Burger, the Ion concept phone aims to bring a tad more tangibility to the interaction with a mobile phone and a better organisation of its features. The phone comes with 3 functioning modes: standby (when closed), phone book (open to 90 degrees) and phone (opened to 180 degrees).


These modes allow you to fully open the phone in order to answer a call, or just pivot the upper case to 90 degree if you want to save the number after the chatter is over and you want to reach the phone book. Navigation is done with the aid of a scroll wheel and a big button enters your choices in the menus.

When you want to call someone in the phone book, you’ll just have to open the handset to 90 degrees, select the contact and call the person by pivoting the case to 180 degrees. Easy interaction makes the use of the handset intuitive and you have to know that Ion phone focuses on elderly people, as its main public.