S-Vision Projector Phone Concept Aims at Business People

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Felix Runde has designed a great concept phone for business people, S-Vision and this innovative device incorporates a projector on the side and comes with elegant looks. This will be the ideal tool for people going to presentations, as long as there’s a white screen or clear wall nearby.


Gone are the laptops and heavy projectors, since all the work is done by this little baby. S-Vision incorporates a LED micro-beamer, that projects the images you want and you might want to know that this technology was already used on some handsets, specially those launched in Asia.

The projector is activated by folding the side out of the handset, thus making the body of the device adapt to the situation.




[via Tuvie and IntoMobile]

  • Martins

    I like…….:)

  • Elgoog

    Nice looking concept drawings, but the reality is that having the projector built into a phone, computer, or any other device that serves as the media storage/playback system severely limits the usability of the projector. You won’t be able to mount or move the projector and playback device independently. And unless you like recharging your phone often, sharing the battery with a projector will make short work of standard size cell phone batteries. All this will limit the projectors use to very brief, casual presentations or watching short video clips. I think the AAXA P1 pico projector ( http://aaxatech.com/products/kp190.htm ) I’ve been using has been is a much more practical way to add projection technology to a cell phone or PMP.

  • Littlewiiguy

    There was a phone shaped like this years ago but instead of a projector it was a TV reciever. I personally like the design but I could see some people who wouldn’t. I like how you activate the projector and I like the fact that you can swivel the head for the best viewing experience. All in all it looks like a good phone that I would consider buying but it would have to have a seperate battery for the projector because they run down battery like nobody’s business.