Kiss Phone, Virtual Smooches for Everyone

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We can send text messages with the aid of a phone, images, videos, songs and even stream live content, but can we send kisses and hugs? Well, the first issue has been solved by inventor Georges Koussouros, who designed the Kiss Phone. The handset features a set of “digital lips” that will detect the speed, pressure, temperature and sucking force of your lips as you kiss the digital ones.


Afterwards, the kiss will be reproduced in the exact same way it was done on the receiver’s handset. How cool is that?

Plus, you can save a kiss on your phone and “play it back” when you’re in the mood for a hot smooch and there’s even a kiss database online, a “kiss bank” as the inventor calls it. Imagine downloading Angelina Jolie’s kiss, now THOSE are lips!

[via Design Launches]