Thru, “Lucent” Transparent Phone Design, by Mac Funamizu

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Whenever you say Mac Funamizu, we get ready for a glossy and futuristic concept, like the transparent phone pictured below. Known as the Thru Phone, this device uses two sliding parts, one as the main touchscreen and the other as the virtual keyboard, but we’re sure it’s also able to serve as a secondary display.

What’s really incredible about this see-through phone design is the fact that each and every action performed by the Thru Phone becomes a game. For example, when you get an email notification, fireworks will appear on screen, while the phone placed near a pen and some other objects on your desk will turn them into an on-screen animation.

You’ll see little goblins pulling a piece of paper, or a spaceship attacking your pencils, brushes, books… This is augmented reality taken to a new level and if this baby can fill a classroom with annoying pupils when everyone’s outside, it’ll be a ton of fun to mess with. Great work!

[via petitinvetion]