Meizu Max Tablet Concept Features Flyme 3.0 OS (Video)

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If you follow technology all over the web, you probably know that some Asian companies launch “the future iPads” and iPhones before Apple does. Basically they used the leaked features, pictures and specs to create their own tablets. Now with the rumors saying that the iPad 5 will look like a bigger iPad Mini, it appears that Meizu has taken that collection of info and turned it into a concept.

Meizu is a Chinese company, famous a couple of years ago for copying the iPhone and turning the result into an Android smartphone with a custom UI. Then, the devices got more and more original with each generation, but Meizu only launched phones. Now they may get into tablets, as shown by the video below. This company’s flavour of Android also received a name: Flyme OS, that has reached version 3.0. The tablet seen in the video is called the Meizu Max and it’s supposed to feature a 13 megapixel rear camera with a powerful flash and a Retina level 2560 x 1600 pixel display.

The Meizu tablet design involves an almost edge to edge display, a very thin case and a very elegant look. Everything is minimalistic and looks elegant, so we really appreciate this device. Basically we’re dealing with a bigger iPad Mini, but everything is now even thinner and prettier. Flyme 3.0 OS seems to include a “cards” system that may remind you of the webOS system. Would you buy such a device?


[via gizchina]