Metallic Red Concept Phone Has Plutonium Battery and 80 Gigapixel Camera; Say What?!

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Yes, we’ve laughed at 60 megapixel camera phones with Android 10 and 256 GB of storage, but this concept here goes all out sci fi. Created by Deviantart user silva018, this metallic red render is a beauty, but also a… danger.

concept phone tablet

The designer used Google Sketchup to come up with it and calls it a “tablet phone”. We’re dealing with an ultraslim metal smartphone, that’s very rounded and has a crazy 80 gigapixel camera. That’s the kind of camera that’s mounted on a satellite or drone, I guess, or maybe on a huge telescope of sorts.

Anyway, we also get a crazy Plutonium battery, that could make this phone cause a meltdown by itself. I can’t tell if Plutonium is actually the name of the device or if the designer really wants a radioactive battery here. Let’s indulge this fantasy for a bit.. I’m guessing this “Iron Man Phone”, judging by its metal plus colors could turn you into a superhero via radiation, right?

[via Deviantart]

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