Apple iPhone 6 Render Teaser by Hasan Kaymak, Seems Taken out of Wall-E

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This new iPhone 6 render by Hasan Kaymak somehow made me think of the cute little robot in Wall-E, the feminine one. It may be the blue-ish top earpiece area or the Home button, or maybe not. Let’s check it out:

iphone 6 hasan kaymak

This is a mere teaser of a full work coming soon and this iPhone 6 features an edge to edge display, plus a very slim case judging by the image. This model is also very curved, which is odd considering Apple’s usual rectangular approach. Pressing the apps at the edge of the display seems inevitable on this concept, so I’m guessing a bunch of finger rejection features are needed.

When using a stylus we have palm rejection, so why not use something similar for fingers? Anyway, this iPhone 6 may as well feature a pulse scanner in the Home button, but this one would be cooler and measure the blood pressure as well. That would make the iPhone a huge buy for many health obsessed people, don’t you think?

[via Hasan Kaymak]

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