Surface Mini Tablet Rendered With Stylus in Tow

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One of the designers who usually makes really good Nokia renders has come up with a Surface Mini concept. This device is a slate that’s been imagined by Jonas Daehnert and shown below. This is a mere preview and teaser of a future gallery of the product.

Surface Mini concept tablet

By the way, Microsoft has yet to give signs that they’re preparing such a device, although many people were expecting it at BUILD. As you know, 8 inch Windows 8.1 tablets with good prices are selling pretty well and if you add a stylus in the mix things get interesting. This device keeps the squared metal build of its bigger counterparts and adds a camera with flash in the mix.

We’ve got some pretty big bezels and a big pen that actually looks like a real accessory of this kind. The lower area features the microUSB port and the speakers, embedded as tiny holes. When you look at the Surface Mini tablet from the front you may confuse it with a Nexus 7 2012, or at least so I think. I expect this model to run Windows 8.1, based on an Intel Bay Trail CPU, or maybe a surprise Tegra K1 + Windows RT 8.1 combo… What do you expect?

[via Phone Designer]

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