Minimalistic Phone Concept is All Screen and Touch Items

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We regularly surf the web in search for new concepts and renders of futuristic phones. Well, this time we came across the work of Martin Vejdarski, who envisions a minimalistic phone concept, shown below.

minimalistic concept phone

This device is all screen, no bezels and features a top part that seems to be touch-based as well. Apparently, aside from the main touchscreen, that lacks bezels, there’s an E-Ink screen at the top, with status bar items shown and various notification items. Physical button stay on the side and just like some models from Japan, this unit has bone conduction technology.

This means the whole display is a speaker and sound reaches your inner ear via your cranium. At the bottom we’ve got a series of small holes, associated to the audio jack, mic and speakers, but they all look the same, so confusion may appear. This may be considered an extreme evolution of the Sharp Aquos Crystal X, if you want…

[via Martin Vejdarski]

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