Meizu Hydra (Q Series) Imagined by Mladen Milic

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With a threatening name like Hydra any smartphone can make it big, right? Well, designer Mladen Milic imagined a Meizu phone going by this name and called it the Meizu Hydra (Q Series). The model is pictured below and it has a very angular design.

Meizu Hydra concept phone 1

This unit combines black, white, light and dark gray as the colors used for the case and also involves aluminum with chrome finishing. The facade uses black and two shades of gray, while the back uses one or two colors. The Meizu Hydra will be available with a quad core 2 GHz processor, the futuristic Android 6.0 and it packs a 20 megapixel camera at the back, plus a 5 MP selfie cam.

Meizu Hydra concept phone 2

The designer also mentions 4 GB of RAM, a 5 inch screen and Gorilla Glass 5 protection, as well as a 3000 mAh battery. The microSD card slot, power, volume and camera buttons are all placed on the side and the bottom part of the phone is gently curved, as shown in the renders.  The speakers are positioned at the bottom and they’re oriented specifically for an improved audio experience.

The gentle curve at the bottom, gives the handset a “chin” that somehow makes me think of a shaving machine. Is that bad or good?

Meizu Hydra concept phone 3

Meizu Hydra concept phone 4

Meizu Hydra concept phone 5

Meizu Hydra concept phone 6

[via designedbyhege]

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