nVue Mobile Phone Looks Like a Microsoft Courier and Nintendo DS Hybrid

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Foldable mobile phones have been floating on the interwebs for some time now, sadly only as concepts and designs. Dragan Trenchevski created such a device, dubbed the nVue and reminding us a bit of the Microsoft Courier e-reader and the Nintendo DS console. As you can see, this is a foldable handset with 2 AMOLED displays.

Each screen is able to run independently and they can also work together as a single widescreen display. Efficient multitasking is the purpose of this concept, that can also be turned into a tablet PC, media player, e-reader and hopefully a console. There’s a 10MP camera on board the device and it seems like a pretty good tool for video chat.

The stand also makes the dual display phone a good multimedia player and photo frame. We’re wondering if the handset’s front keyboard under the screen is a physical one, or touch-sensitive… What do you say?

[via Tuvie]