OLPC XO-3 Tablet Prototype Detailed (Video)

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The “One Laptop Per Child” (OLPC) initiative is evolving towards an unbreakable device made out of plastic, that’s affordable for any child on the globe. The project’s main man, Nicholas Negroponte claims that this is the 2012 version of the device, while the 2011 one is the one shown in the video below and supposedly coming at CES 2011:


OLPC XO-3 is a mere prototype/concept right now, but the real deal will cost around $75 and it’ll do everything that the iPad, Kindle and a laptop do. The device sports a 9 inch display, ARM processor and it’ll run Android. Also, this will be a dual mode display tablet, so it’ll work both in direct sunlight and in the dark. Pretty promising…

[via Tablet News]