Onida Phone for India, Meant to Cost Less Than $5

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Philippe Daguillon is aware of the problems that India is facing and imagined a handset that will fit this market. He created the Onida cellphone, a very affordable handset, that’s supposed to cost less than $2. In India 80% of the population lives with $2 a day and can be illiterate, according to the designer.

This is a phone for illiterate persons, share in the Indian community and packing a low price. I don’t mean any of these as an insult to India, these are pure statistics. The cover for the Onida phone is also a wallet and as you can see the device is very simple, with a small display showing signal, battery, time and carrier, with some numeric keys, a messaging button, a call and end call button and an up and down button. Considering the fact that the idea of the Aakash tablet with a $35 price tag came to life in India, maybe this phone will be turned to reality, too.

I know we have a lot of readers from India. How do you feel about this phone and do you consider it will help the poor population of the country?

[via Behance]

  • plethora

    Very commendable! This truly puts the real meaning of “social” back into products. Its no longer soaking the public for everything commerce can get out of them, but truly helping others that need basic communication services. Bravo.

    That said: Now on the flipside I have to wonder if someone living on such meager earnings can afford the recurring communication costs. I seriously doubt the carriers will want these on their networks. But we can dream, can’t we?