Sony Xperia Young Prototype Leak

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I have just received an email saying that this is the Xperia Young and it’s a prototype leak, but I advise you to take this info with great caution. To me it looks like just another render of a Sony Xperia phone. It appears to be a low end-ish device, meant for youngsters and not yet ready to be shown at MWC 2012.

We’re dealing with a phone that features an 800 MHz dual core CPU, a Mali 604 GPU and 2GB of RAM!?! There’s also xLoud technology on board, the TimeScape 2 UI and a case that’s 8mm thin. The CPU on board is supposed to have an extra core, so it’s a 2+1 core chipset, like the Tegra 3 is a 4+1 chip. Well, considering there are many inconsistencies on the specs list and the picture doesn’t look realistic, I take all of this story lightly, like a mere rumor and render.

I think that the Xperia U and P are enough to feed the midrange segment for now and Sony doesn’t need to launch some more low end yet… It would however be nice to have a cheap phone with that transparent notification bar.

[Thanks Itamar Satt]