Nokia Lumia Zero Features 41MP Camera, Windows Phone Apollo

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Since Nokia launched a cameraphone with a 41MP sensor, Bob Freking imagined a device with a similar cam, but Windows Phone instead of Nokia Belle. Thus, he created the Nokia Lumia Zero, the flagship of the Lumia series, with Windows Phone Apollo s the OS. Of course, there’s a 41 megapixel camera on board with much the same technologies of the PureView model.

Its CPU is an ARM 15 OMAP 5 dual core unit, an equivalent to the Tegra 3 apparently. This will be the first Windows Phone with a HD display, 1GB of RAM and support for 1080p HD video. Windows Phone 8 aka Apollo is very much a mystery now, but in about a year or so, everything will be clear. Other specs of the Nokia Lumia Zero include a 4.3 inch ClearBlack AMOLED Display, maybe 8/16GB of internal memory, LTE for sure and a front camera that’s at least 1.3MP in resolution.

What model do you prefer? The Belle-based Nokia 808 Pureview or the Nokia Lumia Zero, both with 41 megapixel cameras? Take your pick now and remember that the Zero model is a mere design and render, ok?

[Thanks Bob]

  • plethora

    I used 2b a die-hard Nokia enthusiast. They were the only brand I would consider. But it appears in the last few years they have become an “also ran.” Nokia, like Moto, lost their groove and never found it again. Odd designs, poor consumer acceptance, yada, yada, yada.

    To answer the question, given firmware or vaporware, I’d take firmware any old day. As for the 41mp camera, I’ve read other articles disclosing that the truly largest file is only 38mp and, for the most part, the typical is only an 8mp camera. The big news here is that the extra pixels provide data that virtually eliminates noise through a sort of averaging.

  • G2

    I do not see true Win 8 phones (Win 8 Gen1) having / needing the buttons at the bottom. I would guess Nokia will be sharing some of their tech for button-less OS with Microsoft.

    That is the one area where the N9 rules over the Lumia 800.

  • Why nokia 41mp cam you so bech people no nick this one. Only sony phone no 1:-o

  • muhammed.aflan

    Nokia connecting peoples.. our best quality 4n.. the great…

  • don kotresh hiremath

    super utlimate nokia 808

  • That’s none of your business

    I can’t wait for this one.God bless.