Futuristic iPad Uses Bezel-Free Display, Magnets to Collide With Other iPads (Video)

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As you may know if you’ve browsed the web this week, the iPad 3 or iPad 2 HD will be announced next week, on March 7th. And now it’s time to dream even further than this Retina Display-based slate, into the future. Aatma Studio envisioned an iPad concept that involves a bezel-free display and some magnets and NFC that will help an iPad collide with another similar unit, creating a bigger device, up to the point where they reach the status of a Microsoft Surface lookalike, I guess…

The devices will join bodies via magnets and communicate via NFC. The concept iPad doesn’t end here, since it also has a holographic display and it projects its interface nearby, as shown in the video below. Everyone’s talking about bezel-free devices for years now, but nobody is doing anything about that. Apple and Samsung are the favourite to go into this uncharted territory, with the main problem being how fragile the resulting device will be, considering it will have part of its display on the sides, that are always in contact with other surfaces.

This futuristic iPad sounds good, particularly the idea of connecting to other Apple tablets. I wonder if several iPhones of this kind won’t be able to make an iPad in the future if they also collide… And now here’s a video of the Edge to Edge Retina Display slate:


[via Tablet News]